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Live Streaming & Recording as part of SaaS website

I’m creating a SaaS website that has a livestream/recording portion to it and need a consultant to handle the Wowza portion of things as well as provide suggestions on server management. Job would include:

  • Provide insight into the most cost-effective yet reliable hosting providers to build on(eg linode, aws, etc)

  • Installing Wowza on a server

  • Tuning Wowza to optimal performance settings

  • Provide a way for my app to give each customer their own Wowza stream and folder to stream/record too

  • Consult on how to keep each customers streams private/secure(so no one else can stream to their account)

  • Possibly be available for some weekly consulting hours to help manage Wowza and the server

    Project Timeline: Launching January 2014 + ongoing management

    Compensation: Based on experience. Let me know your rate.

    Please provide your website or contact information and we’ll discuss more details. Thanks!

Hi, unfortunately you didn’t provide any additional details like email,

so please contact me: rshmelev {at} gmail [dot] com

We’re familiar with such kind of jobs so your timeline is fine.


I can help you with this, and I’m available for the assignment. Contact me via Skype (ID: karelboek) or by email to discuss this further. Once I know your Skype or email address, I can give you some information about my experience and rate, as you requested.

Kind Regards

Karel Boek


Hi there … send me an email to, so I can share with you my experience and services.



Lets discuss your project, drop me a line to denis [at] unicodesolutions dot net


Anymore applicants?

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