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Live streaming: server-side metadata modifications

Hi all!

A quick question: is it possible to alter (with a server-side module) the metadata coming from a live stream?

The scenario I wish to achieve is the following:

  • an user publishes a live stream

  • the server intercepts the metadata coming on the streams before they’re sent to the other clients

  • the server alters the metadata packet and writes it back onto the stream

I can read the metadata coming on the stream with a module which implements IMediaStreamActionNotify2 (overriding the onMetaData function), but I can’t find a function to write the metadata back.

Another path that I’ve been following was to write a class which performs the very same actions for MediaReaderFLV but in a live scenario, but I don’t think that such a class exists.

Thank you,


Take a look at these examples:


The essential code that does this is not dependent on Flash client. You can easily copy what you need into the onMetaData handler.



thanks! I saw this post before, but the injection of new metadata and the “setCaption” method are triggered by a client-side modification. What I was looking for is a server-side method to alter thee metadata on-the-fly, upon detection.


thank you for your prompt response! I’ll give it a try as soon as I can.

Thank you again,