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Live Streaming Solution

Consultant and/or Developer Wanted!

Project Description:

We’re seeking a solution that would allow for users on our website to log in, click a “Broadcast Now” button, have their webcam detected and begin streaming to a live audience on our website. These webcams/user accounts would be categorized, viewable on their corresponding user’s profile pages and able to be ranked by current viewers, rating, etc. We assume this would be done in Flash however if it’s capable with HTML5 (with a Flash fallback) we could discuss this as well.

Operating System:

Flexible based on consultation

Timescales/Delivery date:

Within 2 - 3 months - as fast as we can get up and running.


Very flexible based on consultation and what needs to be done. We don’t want to throw out a too high or too low number without first understanding what has to be done and how long it will take.

We can discuss this,

please write me to rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com