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Live streaming with HTML5

Hello Community

With Youtube moving to stop the support of flash ( and the lack of clean HLS support in recent android version, I’m more and more concern about how I can continue my activities with wowza streaming. In short, my question is:

how can wowza streaming live feed to html5 ?

From what I understand, live streaming is not possible on the desktop, except for pseudo-streaming (which wowza doesn’t support), and only RTSP could work on mobile, but is often blocked by firewalls/proxies. Dash seems to be “the future” but I never was able to have it working (including the one shipped with wowza manager).

So what do you think about it? will wowza support pseudo-streaming soon? how do you handle live streaming with wowza?


What format are you suggesting for live pseudo-streaming? MP4 is not possible because the format requires the stream be completed to stream. We have tried MPEG-TS and fragmented MP4 but was not able to get it to play in many browsers. WebM is possible but would require that the content be transcoded to VP8 or VP9. FLV does not work with browsers outside of Flash. We have not found a viable way to do live pseudo-streaming in today’s browsers.


I think there are two choices; MPEG-DASH with HTML5 player and a custom mobile application/player. The MPEG-DASH option is still influx but starting to become more reliable as the browsers mature with their MSE implementations. The second option of developing a mobile application is the best answer today.


One player technology to look at is OpenTelly.


Thanks for you answer. My mentionning of pseudo-streaming was mostly to point out the lack of actual streaming support in desktop browsers outside Flash.

I didn’t have much experience with live pseudo-streaming; I’ve tested it with mod h264 and it works well for mp4 files, so I assumed it could be done with live feed provided you have enough delay.

But my main point is, I don’t know how to realiably stream live feed from wowza…

Mobile application is not a possiblity for my market, I target only browsers.

And Dash works only in Chrome, Firefox doesn’t support it.

I’m completly puzzled by this void in browser video support, in a world where video is everywhere. I wonder how youtube does, beside having their own player…

One player technology to look at is OpenTelly.

Looks very promissing, I’ll look into it, thanks!