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Live Switching Between Multiple Streams - Possible?


I have a live streaming application setup - streaming content via RTMP to a Flash Player - STREAM A.

I now would like to add another stream - STREAM B - and would like to be able to switch to this stream automatically without any disruption to the client player.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I could do this?. i.e. How can I switch between multiple streams via the server.

In the future we could have 7/8 different streams coming in - so I would like the ability to switch either on a timed basis or by click of a button.

I’m currently reading up on the manual - and downloading the Wowza IDE so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciatated.

Many thanks!


Take a look at this post, the case was slightly different, but I think it is the same essentially:


You can use StreamClass. Take a look at these examples:


Thanks for the help Richard.

I’ve installed the IDE + reading up on the User Guide now.

Will let you know how I get on.


Hi Julio,

Your are from Brasil? I’m from Argentina :wink:

Currently don’t have any way to mix 2 stream into one, we have the same application you are describe but switching from ServerSide not Client Side.

Our application work this way:

livestream1 --------
                      | ------> PLAY <------- Clients
livestream2 --------

From the Server Side we can switch beetwen LiveStream1 and LiveStream2 but the User NEVER need change the stream always are connected to PLAY

Has a very small delay all depend of the speed of the connection and the Buffer time into the player.

Let me know if this something like you are searching or is the same you have running now.




Maradona is more bigger than Pele :wink: lolol

About this, We are implemented the same for VOD.

livestream1 --------
VOD ---------------- ServerSideModuleSwitcher ------> PLAY <------- Clients
livestream2 --------

I don’t have this module working into my server now, but I’ll put online and I hope tomorrow you can use an try this.




We’ve built an app in Flash (Flex, actually) which streams live video from the webcam to Wowza, which then records that video. Look good so far.

Now, we’ve also made a “live switcher” which allows us to, for example, stream a video from the webcam in New York and switch to the video of the webcam in Paris.

We are able to do that live quite well: Wowza “re-streams” the video from whatever the “live” source is. In practice, it is recording 2 streams of video and switching live between them. Works ok.

The problem is on the on-demand viewing. Having two streams of video makes it quite hard to play as a single one. I’d have to play the two stream at once and have triggers to switch between them. Since one would have to “pause” for the other stream to start, programming this would be quite complicated, would be really nice to maintain synchronized time progression and, worst of all, would introduce quick “blacks screens” everytime a switch occurs. Not very elegant…

So my question is: is there a way for the Wowza Media Server to actually capture the streaming that is being “outputted”? This would generate a single file, instead of capturing multiple “input files”.

Any inputs about this are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi Alejandro,

Argentina??? nooo :smiley: rsss

We are doing exactly the same so that for live events,

the problem is being recorded for the event (on demand)

as you advise me to do or what the best solution to this issue.

could be seeing your application?

Thank you very much