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liverepeater-edge many times slow down the video stream 4,5 sec (audio runs normal)

liverepeater-edge app gets streams from a Wowza origin.

The stream starts and its audio runs normally but many times its video only appears after 4,5 seconds (audio starts before video 4,5 seconds).

How to solve this?

This problem only happens with liverepeater-edge applications.


My recommendation for this issue would be to open a ticket with our Support team by sending your email to

When creating a ticket, please ensure that you provide a detailed description of the problem and a ZIP file containing the following directories for analysis (for both origin and edge).




Please make sure you provide logs which show Wowza server starting.

If you are not sure how to get this information please see the following tutorial.

How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, OS X, and Linux

As you have a live stream please outline the type of encoder/camera in use along with the encoding settings for the stream.

If you are using a .stream file to start re-streaming please provide this.

I also recommend that you answer the following questions and include the questions and answers in your email to the Support team:

  • What version of Wowza Streaming Engine are you using when seeing this issue?

  • Is the origin server and edge server running the same version of Wowza Streaming Engine?

  • What protocol are you experiencing this issue with? (RTMP, RTSP, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft SS or MPEG-DASH)

  • Is the issue limited to a specific protocol or multiple protocols for that stream?

  • Does this effect only a single stream or all streams that are being repeated from your edge?