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Livestream playlist not playing next video automatically

I am having a difficult time getting my videos to play back to back from my playlist.

I am using flowplayer to test it out.

Basically after it completes the first video in the playlist. The player stops and I have to hit the play button again

for the stream to continue.

any ideas how I can solve this problem? Below is a copy of my smil file used for the live stream.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Does the problem occur with the Wowza LiveVideoStreaming example?

This is means that the encoding is too different from one to the other. Small differences like frame size are okay, but other differences (and depending on the client) will not work. This true for video and audio codec. They should all be as close as possible


Also, to be clear, what you are describing is a particular client: Flowplayer, or JW Player perhaps? They behave differently if there is “duration” in the metadata, because that indicates it is vod, but it is not in this case. Wowza will continue to stream each item in a Stream class playlist.


Actually if you use a smil as a playlist but want it to act like a live channel and play all the videos as a continuous loop you have to set the pass through metadata to false in the conf/server.xml like this…




this way it does not read a time from the video files and continues to play through to the next video and loop… :slight_smile: