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Load Balance with Nginx

I have set up Nginx to do ssl offloading. this works great.

If I choose to use this as a load balancer for my wowza servers do I need to set it for session persistence ( Ip_hash) in Nginx? Or should I be using another method.



Hi, yes you can set ip_hash for session persistance. I am using it also this way.

Peter once again thankyou. I wanted to know if you also use Nginx to proxy RTMP streams in support of android devices. If so how do you set up your server blocks for those?




I am using only hls stream cause I am using flowplayer with hlsjs plugin and it covers all modern browsers with http/https streams.

But nginx allows tcp/udp load balancing - it’s covered in this docu and it’s very straightforward. Load balance rtmp protocol is much more easier than http/s. Back then when hls wans’t so popular I was using nginx/haproxy as rtmp load balancer.

I am using Jwplayer and if I use http I have no problem on android phones playing HLS streams. I am hopping that there is just a certificate issue and I can forget RTMP all together much like you.

What I see and people describe as an issue for android devices is ssl Chain issues. I am going to follow this guide first to see if that resolves my problem before I try tcp-load-balancing.


I have no problem with HLS over https on android devices. If you get some specific error, you can paste here, I will try to debug.