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Load balancer 2 with jwplayer and adaptive bitrate streaming


I’m trying to use jwplayer with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

It works when I use the following URL,


But when I want to use the application which redirects to the least loaded server, it does not work.

I use the URL,


where myApp_bal is the redirect application.

In this case, Wowza returns, i think, a valid .smil file like this:


You can load balance adaptive bitrate stream using the Load Balancer 4 package. You can find instructions in the “WowzaDynamicLoadBalancingAddOn_UsersGuide.pdf” on page 13.

Here is a snippet from that document:

You can also generate a multi-bitrate version of this output to allow redirection for adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams. To do this, the URL requires additional query parameters that describe the assets and bitrates. These should contain a comma-separated list of assets and their corresponding bitrates. If the number of assets and bitrates doesn’t match, no output is returned.

The following is an example for generating XML output for use in some Flash-based players:


In this example, an RTMP client using HTTP requests gets XML returned similar to:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Hi, did you got the answer? I also would prefer JW PLayer show 720p instead of kbps with Load Balancer


This is not currently supported, but I will send your suggestion to our product management team to take it into consideration for a future Load Balancer package release.



Is it possible to add additional arguments to the parameter

so that title becomes an attribute of the video tag within the smil?

I am using jwplayer and the HD toggle displays the values in kbps but I would prefer to have it display ‘720p’, ‘360p’. Adding &title to the URL just appends the whole value to the src. e.g.