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Load Balancer and basic authentication

I upgraded my load balancer from 4.5 to 4.8.12 and I cannot access the http://<my_ip>/loadbalanceinfo interface.
My browser displays the user/password form as expected but my admin credentials are not accepted.
In the logs it says that it is performing a digest authentication that does not support the bcrypt password encoding I am now using.
The WowzaStreamingEngineManager web interface allows me to log in using the same credentials.

I switched from digest to basic everywhere and converted the admin password file to bcrypt.

Note that I do not have an HTTPProvider explicitly configured for the endpoint “loadbalanceinfo” so I cannot configure it to switch to basic auth.
Apart from the “loadbalanceinfo” endpoint that does not let me in the load balancer works well.

Please help me forcing “loadbalanceinfo” to use basic authentication!

Thank you,

I can help explain why this is happening, but first I am happy to hear you are trying to get on our latest version. There have been almost 16 Engine releases since 4,5 and many of them involved breaking changes and required updates on your OS.

Your java will break and your password authentication. PLEASE SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET, so we can get your system up to where it needs to be for Engine 4.8.12

Here are the release notes for Engine since 4.5. Take a look at the section for breaking changes in particular for version 4.7.9. That was a big change for Java!

Also, pay close attention to this version 4.8.5 breaking changes and look at the part on the auth:

Please send a support ticket right away so we can get you back up and running.

Dear Rose,
I am awfully sorry but I made a typo, the upgrade parh I went through is much easier, I went from 4.8.5 to 4.8.12 (I wrote 4.5 instead of 4.8.5, sorry). I already upgraded our edge servers following the same path and I am aware of the breaking changes.
Now that i upgraded our origin/loadbalancer, I cannot configure the loadbalanceinfo api to use basic instead of digest, other than that the server works fine.

Thank you!