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Load balancing + HLS + Adaptive - Assets Syntax?

Hi Everyone

Load balancing + HLS + Adaptive - Jwplayer

Currently using this below - With no luck.


Syntax as per documentation:



So far I have aligned the assets with my transcoder output, but really what are the assets? They are not working?

It isn’t really covered in documentation,

FYI Im running a live application for live streaming.


Hello there.

I suspect that JW Player does not currently support HTTP redirection, so you can’t use the “scheme=m3u8” to playback redirected Apple HLS streams in JWPlayer.

For JW Player, you should use the RTMP XML redirection mechanism implemented by the Load Balancer. After your request hits the load balancer, it will produce a SMIL formatted response that can be used by JW Player.

The instructions on how to correctly use RTMP XML redirection mechanism are provided in the user guide document delivered in the ZIP package.

You can find the download link for the latest Load Balancer 4 addon package in the Dynamic Load Balancing for Wowza Streaming Engine forum article.