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load balanicng issue


I have configured dynamic load balancing with wowza streaming engine.

Everything works fine if I use hls and flash but I dont know how to configure

working redirect for chrome clients with flowplayer 6 (html5 player).

Or myabe the questions is what kind of format does chrome use for live stream and if

is it possible to use wowza redirect with flowplayer for load balancing.

I need this for live stream.



I haven’t find any solution here nor flowplayer forum.

I have to use load balancing at network layer.


According to me the problem is that FlowPlayer can’t handle 302 redirect. Also JwPlayer can’t handle, I use this URL:


Works fine on Safari, Edge but I think what we want to do is put in into a Player

I created this thread to see is someone can help Load balancer m3u8 hls working on Jw PLayer

Hi Paul

Yes I already have this done

Thks a lot


I see in your new thread that you have had a couple of replies from Wowza consultants. Hopefully they were able to assist you with this.



Hi dubnik,

I would suggest that you review the following article here

It will show How to play video using the HTML5 video tag.