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Loadbalancer VS wowza streaming engine 4.8.9

I used to have WowzaStreamingEngine with load balancer 4.5, and it was functioning normally, once I updated wowzastreamingengine to 4.8.9, the load balancer stopped working normally,
1- start load balancer, then start load balanced servers, everything works fine for a period then load balancer stops functioning, I need to restart both.
2- load balanced servers do not reconnect to load balancer automatically they need to be restarted.

I have downgraded to to have it working normally as before.

also if there is a way to restart the load balancer without restarting wowza as it serves as (server,client)

best regards,

Hi Tony, some customers had issues with this when they didn’t upgrade the Java version they were using. Can you confirm you are using at least Java 9? If you are using an even newer version up to 11, you need to point Engine to the correct version of Java you are using.

Also for the balancer, you can check and confirm the IP address your local host is resolving to is correct.

There could a wide variety of reasons it’s not working when you upgraded from the ports to custom modules to the server listener configuration, In order to accurately diagnose the cause, we’d need a support ticket to further investigate.

hello dear,

actually we are using java 11.0.8, and I made sure the engine is correctly pointed to it.

regarding the IP address resolving, it should be correct since it works normally at the beginning and after an hour or so it misfunction, so unless wowza for some reason decides to suddenly use another IP it shouldn’t be a problem.

as for opening a ticket, unfortunately I already downgraded to, knowing that this is a live system we cannot re-upgrade and collect the configs and logs as usually requested