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Loadbalancer2.0 - Error URL redirect

Dear all,

I’m trying to use load balancing with wowza-2.2.4. Also I tried to test RTMP redirect and the result sucessful. But in URL redirect alway esxit character “?”. You can see bellow:

connect: rtmp://

ncOnStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Rejected

redirectTo: rtmp://

ncOnStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Closed

connect: rtmp://

ncOnStatus: NetConnection.Connect.Success

connected: rtmp://

So, How can I remove it? Could someone please point me in the right direction?


Can you please create a ZIP archive containing your Wowza conf/, logs/ and lib/ folders and open a support ticket by sending them to

We would like to have a look and try to see what might be wrong here. Please make sure to include a reference to this forum post as well.


Thanks Zoran, I have sent an ticket for the help :slight_smile: