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Location For RESTAPIDocumentationWebpage To Be Extracted?

Hello, I have setup the Server.xml file as advised but I am not sure where to extract the rest documentation too in order to be accessible via http://localhost:8089/apidocs.

According to the following article:


The easiest way to view this page is to extract the .zip file anywhere on the server. By default the [install-dir]/conf/Server.xml file allows access to the REST API from the localhost ( Once you have followed the REST API instructions, you should be able to open the [package-root]/index.html file in a web browser to view the documentation.

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You can unpack the ZIP package at any location on your machine. The main constraint is the connectivity between your machine and the Wowza Streaming Engine server. If you are not trying to load the Swagger REST API documentation from the same machine where you are running your Wowza server installation, you will need to change the default server URL location (http://localhost:8089/api-docs) with the URL using the Wowza server IP address (http://AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD:8089/api-docs)


Yes I have followed the instructions, but where do I actually place the [package-root] directory in the file system?