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Log events

I want to count all coming and going users for every device.

Which event i have to notice, “connect” and “destroy” or “play” and “stop” .

Whats the difference between publish, connect, and create ?


For playback details on your live streaming and/or video on demand streaming applications you can see how may connections you had and the client types using the statistics provided in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

If you’re looking for more detail than what’s already provided you could use a third party log analyzer such as Sawmill.



Hi Jason,

For the Live stream

  • client connects => “connect” event is logged

  • when client subscribes to a live stream => “create” event is logged

  • if the stream is not available, nothing is played (obviously), but the client is still subscribed. No bytes are sent/received for that stream

  • when the stream becomes available, clients are notified and “play” event is logged for every client.

  • if the stream goes away (unpublished) or a client disconnects => “stop” event is logged

  • when client unsubscribes from the stream (either by subscribing to something else, including “nothing” or by disconnecting) => “destroy” event is logged

  • when client disconnects from the server => “disconnect” event is logged

Is that right ? What is the c-client-id ?

If i want to count the unique views of a live stream i have to use the c-client-id, or the create event ?