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Logging stream-ids that have played more than 10 seconds on HLS


I need to write the stream-id to a log every time a music track have played more than 10 seconds. Is that possible?

I have tried both the java api and the wowza stats logging with no success. It looks to me that buffering on the client is affecting the accuracy of the duration time.

Any advice you can offer us would be greatly appreciated.

Ronny Mikalsen

There are Wowza experts in our Hire a Consultant forum here if you think you may want to hire someone to build that on the client side. The consultants are not affiliated with Wowza and would discuss with you privately.

Happy to check for you! Be back soon…

From the engineers: The general problem is that what is presented to the client is not necessarily what has been played. For something like rtmp, what is presented is pretty close to what is played. For chunk based protocols like HLS, it can be very different. Something low like 10 seconds would be really hard to say ‘they played 10 seconds’

2 solutions.

You could just use what was presented to each client in server, you could write a custom module to listen to the clients and log that. I know that’s not ideal for you though.

If not, the only way would be to do on the client side.