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Logic concatenation and clipping of mp4 files

Hello there, please bear with me as I’m new :slight_smile: Any help you might provide will be appreciated.

Suppose I have two mp4 files both 30 minutes long. They’re part1 and part2 of a single show so I’d like to serve this content to my users as if it was an uninterrupted 1-hour long video. Something like a playlist but not really because if they were to download the video, they would download it as a single mp4 file. I’m aware I can just concatenate the two mp4 files with ffmpeg but I’m asking if there’s another way. Something like a “logic” or “virtual” video file that just instructs Wowza on which physical files it can find the bits of the show.

I would use this “logic video file” to also do the opposite: i.e. isolate an interesting clip of 1 minute from part1.mp4 and publish on my website as if it was stored on its own mp4 file (users see a duration of 1 minute in their JWPlayer).

I would use this for:

  • Partition large video files to make them more manageable on disk;
  • Avoid duplication of bits, thus lowering hosting costs.

Is it possibile via the Rest API? Or the Java API? Thanks in advance.


In the meantime I’ve found this, which is good to extract clips from larger mp4 files:

However, this looks like a more complete solution since it also supports progressive downloads (which I need that to let users download videos):

Can I do progressive downloads with Wowza streaming engine?