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I can login to my normal account that has my licenses but every time I try to login to it tells me invalid email or password. I have already reset my password once. I have opened a ticket: 213927 and have also sent an email directly to which generated ticket 213930 as well. I have a live production in one hour and I’m about to start freaking out.


I’m sorry there was a login issue yesterday (which is resolved now) and a temporary password was sent yesterday through case 213927.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.



The same problem happened to me just now - Jun 01, 2017… I purchased a service after few minutes of testing (FREE TRIAL) and yet I can no longer access my cloud panel… My live event is still up and I cant stop it and eating up my credits…

I’m having the same problem now!! I wanted to show the service to a major client and i couldn’t login to my pay account… WTF

Same issue here, I’m also trying to show a client but can’t log into my trial account. It worked when a signed up. Please fix.

Same here. Can’t test my new encoder and wireless router now…only after 1 day of access to the “free trial”.

Hello Wowza Cloud Support, I subscribed last night it says that it will be activated in 10mins but unfortunately it’s been hours already…How will I activate? I subscribed Wowza Cloud the $199.99. Please need your support or from the group appreciate if you can assist me. Thank you in advance.

Im having this same issue here - fine to log in to but will not accept the credentials - even after password reset. The support ticket I opened says it will be looked in to within 48 hours. This is urgent! Im not really willing to pay for faster support, just because your system is failing.

When can this be resolved?

On their status page, it says that that this is an active issue and they are working on it. I am having the same problem, so clearly they haven’t fixed it for everyone yet.

Do please send a ticket request through the Wowza portal so that we can assist you with this.

Hi Alec, please send a support request so that we can send you a temporary password login.

Hi, do please send a support request so that we can send you a temp password.

Im having this same issue here.

My trial account has been created yesterday.But I still getting this error message now:

You don’t have access to Wowza Streaming Cloud. If you just purchased a subscription, please wait while your account is set up and try again in 15 minutes. Otherwise, please check your account.

What can I do?