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Logo overlay without transcoding?


I would like know if is possible added logo on my stream without transcode ?

I have over 30 stream, if I transcode all my cpu will increase, no ?..

thank you

I don’t use this player,

example if I use vlc ? :slight_smile:

my question is, if I want add a logo, 'i’m forced to transcode stream ?

Without the use of the Wowza Transcoder you will have to add the logo on the client side.

Take a look at the player systems like JW Player, Flowplayer or Strobe.

JW Player

How to use LongTail JW Player 6 with Wowza Media Server


How to use Flowplayer with Wowza Media Server


Flash Media Playback (easiest)

How to use the Adobe Flash Media Playback player with Wowza Media Server



Overlays on the actual video require re-encoding the video which is why you would need to use the transcoder or some other encoder before the video arrives at the Wowza server.


You can add a logo overlay in VLC as well. Lots to read about on this with a google search.

You are not forced to use the Wowza Transcoder to add an overlay, but it may be easiest. And the Transcoder will increase CPU usage.

Follow the instructions in the Tuning Guide to achieve maximum performance of your server.