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Looking for a consultant for a small architecture design of live stream + DRM

I’m looking for a consultant for an assistance in creating a small architecture design specific to our pet project hosting our videos on Cloud (any)

This is for a POC, so I need assistance in:

  1. preferred streaming protocol.

  2. Suggested hosting environment (AWS? Azure? Google?)

  3. Setting up Wowza on AWS (not the actual set up, just a quick run-throw).

  4. Approx bandwidth usage calculations.

  5. DRM

I believe all this could be achieved within a 2 - 4 hour Skype call.

Have a small budget for this.

If you have this capabilities, please advise.



This seems like a task we could be able to help you with, if we can find a financial common ground. We would like to hear a bit more and present you with options, based on which you can choose to proceed or not.

Feel free to contact us at for more details.