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Looking for a Consultant to help with integration on a few sites

Detailed description of work request

We are looking to hire a Consultant on a as-needed basis to help us with end-to-end integration of Wowza Streaming so that we can offer streaming to our users on our network of websites. Everything from the website side is handled, the task is more focused on the set up of Wowza and implementing it on the site.

Operating System in use

Running both Ubuntu (x64) and CentOS 5.9 (x64) for Wowza

Running CentOS, WHM/cPanel installed to host our websites. Website is custom coded, and/or WordPress-based.

Timescales/Delivery date

No specific delivery date, but time is off the essence. The sooner the better, but there is no definite delivery date - It just needs to get done.


No specific budget. We need help integrating Wowza, end-to-end, including server set up, and plug-in to our website(s) and making sure its working. Please provide your Consultant rate, and we will work with that.

I’ll be glad to help you with that. You can contact me at to discuss project scope in details and provide a rate card for the services


Gustavo Villegas

Streaming Media Technologist


I can help you with the integration of Wowza Media Server. I’m a professional Wowza consultant with 10+ years of experience with streaming media, and I work with Wowza solutions on a daily basis. I’m usually available on a relatively short notice. Contact me by email or on Skype (my Skype ID is: karelboek) and I’ll be happy to discuss the project further.

Kind Regards

Karel Boek



We are glad to help you. Please contact me via email to continue the discussion:

Best wishes,

Polina Sapunova

Fora Soft LLC

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