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Looking for a support to build a live streaming server


I’m building a similar platform YouTube and I make some tests with wowza and the result is not as I expected, the live stream is tooooooo slow. So, I want to work for someone who can give me a help to point what I’ve been doing wrong.

Skype: hackersys


Hi Rose. I’m so desperate that I didn’t think on email. Thanks

No worries- I understand that feeling for sure. I did ask a consultant to reach out to you who has the expert badge in our forums. I’ll check in with him to see if he can help, otherwise we’ll get your post up today.

Are you sure you want to post your personal information on the forums for people to see all around the world? Is there an email address you can use instead? I can then post this in Hire A Consultant forums. I’m just trying to make sure you’re aware that we get almost 35,000 visits a month to forums and we often use email address instead in case you get spam or scammer attempts you can then block them in email. Thanks…

Hi @Célio Garcia, can you elaborate on what you mean by “too slow”; does it take long time for the stream to start, or is there a high latency (delay), or do you have lots of buffering, etc?

I am intrested for support work , Tell me your requirement

My email Id is :