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Looking for Config Tweaking, Install Review and Recommendations

Hi, I am from Potential Church in Broward County Florida. We recently got the WOWZA trial and have installed the product using out of the box code with only 4 or 5 modifications. It works but we feel we need more help on understanding and if needed setting up things like the DVR, Multi Bit Rate, transcoding and review what we did to be sure it is best.

We are currently running it on a small Windows XP 32 bit box but have a full server inbound this week or next with Windows 2008 64 bit. We run Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder on the same physical box to create the input feed to WOWZA. We also have the Synapse WOWZA media console but don’t have that working yet.

We push the RTMP to our CDN and the CDN pulls the HLS from us there are no clients connecting directly to us.

We are looking to get someone to help once the new server gets maybe next week or the next at the latest.

We are not sure how to budget this due to not knowing the industry or standard rates. We would like to make it fit in one day if possible.

Please respond if you can assist, we are a non-profit church with limited resources so please keep that in mind.


Hi Doug,

It’s soon been two weeks since you posted your message and I thought I’d check if you have found someone to help you out. I’m a consultant with 5+ years of experience with Wowza and 10+ years with streaming media in general, and will be glad to help you in this matter. Former and ongoing projects include solutions for several church organizations, eg. the well-known GodTV channel, so I’m familiar with the type of content. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Karel Boek

Hi Doug,

I moved this post to the Find A Consultant Forum for better visibility as it sounds like you are looking for a resource to help with your integration. I would also suggest that you send an e-mail to and request a copy of our List of Independent Consultants who you can contact as well.