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Looking for php, smarty, java, html, website developer to implement live streaming.

I have an existing site that I wish to add to. I need the same style, look and feel. I want to add a live streaming suite of pages with the lowest possible latency (particularly for HLS). I know that I want the streams integrated with social media e.g. FaceBook. At this time I am building a detailed spec for what I want, and I feel the incumbent should have an involvement in this. Therefore at this time I’m looking for a developer with the right skills, the time (Starting early May) and hopefully within the SOCAL area (LA to San Diego).

Skills I know are needed:





Wowza Streaming Engine (of course)


Unix server administration

Please respond with examples of similar work that you have done and your rates.

Thank you!


Are you still looking for a developer for assisting you in developing this streaming platform? Please send me a mail to and I can show our reference works.



My skype: shijils

Hi George,

it looks like an interesting project we could help with. We are in GMT +2 and if this is not a problem feel free to contact us at