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Looping an MP4 file

hello all

i’m new to Wowz and i wanna achieve a really “simple” task:
i want to have about 10 .mp4 (or any other container/encoder) streaming in a loop so i can connect locally from 2-3 machines to test these streams.

i can easily connect to a VOD application that i have setup but it will play the file only once.
in LIVE application i wasn’t able to even play these files at all.

any help would be very much appreciated as i’m struggling with this and really don’t know what i’m missing.

thank you!

The timing is interesting as we just posted a tutorial on how to do this just this morning. With that loop until live module, you don’t ever need to connect a live stream, you can just loop an mp4 playlist.

You can also do this another way with the Stream Publisher and that playlist will also loop endlessly.

Hope these tutorials help you get it set up. If not, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we’ll take a look.