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Lots of time, wowza cloud does not accept stream


I am using rest Api for cloud live stream. When i try to upload rtmp stream, lots of time, wowza cloud does not accept stream. I am waiting up to 20 seconds after channel start but still having same issue. Please guide to resolve this issue.


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community.

I would suggest opening a ticket HERE and explaining this issue. Also include the APIs you are using and we can take a look at the logs to see why the delay is occurring.



@Denton Woods

Did you ever get a resolution here? We’re experiencing the same delay.

I’m having this issue as well. I’ve tried waiting 15 seconds after the stream changes status to ‘started’ and I still sometimes have my connection refused with the error: “An error occurred when trying to connect to host: http://{stream url here}” (code 14)


The actual issue you are running into is DNS propagation. When a livestream is first created and started, a hostname and IP address is automatically assigned. However, I have seen cases where a newly created live stream instance takes some time before the DNS entry propagates for some ISPs.

We generally recommend as part of user’s API workflow to use a resource pool of pre-created/configured live stream instances that are ready to be started. This cuts down on your wait time considerably. I also recommend putting in place logic in your API workflow that checks if the hostname is resolving properly, and only then to allow the broadcast to start.

To verify this, start up an instance that you had previously created (instead of creating a new one), and make a note of the time it takes for the hostname to resolve.

For more information on creating a resource pool:

Please note, we are working on a v1.1 of the API which will return the IP address of the transcoder once it has started to begin streaming to it before the DNS propagation sometime in February of this year.

I hope this clarifies/helps.