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Low latency for iPhone streaming


I’m trying to find out how to get the shortest latency possible.

The Flash or Silverlight streaming work very well for me with 4 seconds of delay, but iPhone takes more then 30 seconds to start streaming, and then keeps this delay.

What are the best configuration options, to have the iPhone stream to have latency as low as with Flash, or better?


Take a look at this post:

And Charlie’s comment here:

Live iPhone Stream Tuning Q..


You have to experiment with key frame frequency and cupertinoChunkDurationTarget. Try 1 second key frame frequency and 1 second (1000 millisecond) cupertinoChunkDurationTarget. Or 2 second key frame frequency and 4 second cupertinoChunkDurationTarget. Make sure key frame frequency is a multiple of cupertinoChunkDurationTarget.


I see, thanks for the information.

What are the advised settings for iPhone chunk size, to keep the latency as low as possible?