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Low-latency stream with wowza player not working

I want to stream a live application via wowza-player to our users.

Stream comes in via RTMP source and a resolution at 720p.

Wowza-player connect to streaming server via Streamlock setup.

I followed you documentation to setup low-latency at:

but get a delay of around 10 seconds.

How can I reduce this to 1-2 seconds?

With HLS, you can’t reduce latency to 1 to 2 seconds. The Wowza Player requires at least 6 seconds of chunks for playback. With HLS, you can get as low as 6 to 8 seconds.

Try the instructions in this video we just posted @DFN VC to get it down to 6 sec.

Otherwise, your next best option is our ultra low latency option for a single bitrate stream at about 2 seconds latency and it uses the WOWZ protocol with an HLS fallback option.

You also have WebRTC as an option for maybe close to 1 second latency, but a bit more complex workflow:

Thanks for explaining. Are there other players, for example JWPlayer that reduces latency or is this a general problem to HLS (we want to keep setup as simple as possible)?


Is the WOWZ protocol is available with the Wowza Streaming Engine ?

I don’t see any documentation about that.

Is it available only with Wowza Streaming Cloud ?