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Major New Streaming Engine Release! 4.8.5 is here

We have great news! We’re pleased to announce the release of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.5.

We’ve released some major features to make configuring WebRTC as easy as possible, as well as several other improvements in Wowza Streaming Engine.

What’s new in 4.8.5:

Instantly Configure WebRTC in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

With the ability to enable and edit WebRTC settings in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, you can now quickly create WebRTC streams without extra configuration in the xml files.

Set Up WebRTC Streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

WebRTC Publish and Playback Pages:

Our new hosted WebRTC pages for publishing and playback allow you to see your WebRTC stream in action immediately. The publishing page allows you to broadcast a stream from your browser to Wowza Streaming Engine and edit settings like bitrate, codec, frame rate, and more. From there, see what your viewers see by using the playback page. Both pages are for testing and learning purposes to ensure high-quality streams every time.
How to Test a WebRTC Workflow

Enhanced Performance, Session Reliability and GitHub Repo

Enhancements to WebRTC stream performance in Wowza Streaming Engine include the improved accuracy of RTCP feedback messages for adaptive encoding and the increased stability of WebRTC session timeouts. We also updated FIR messages to default to a reliable time-based scheme, which enables a more regular interval for accessing WebRTC streams via a keyframe. Lastly, we revamped the WebRTC GitHub repository so you can integrate live streaming with WebRTC more easily into your application.
View GitHub WebRTC Examples

Other Improvements Since 4.8.0- Support for SRT version 1.4, which provides increased reliability.

  • Adjustments to the Low-Latency HLS implementation to keep up-to-date with modifications to Apple’s preliminary protocol extension to the HLS spec.
  • Performance upgrades and security enhancements to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and more.
  • Read the full list of changes since the last release here.

Download 4.8.5

To get started, download the updater from the “My Downloads” tab after you log into your Wowza Account, or download the installer from the Downloads page.

Finally, join us on June 25th for an in-depth technical deep dive on WebRTC. We’ll walk you through the essentials of setting up your WebRTC streaming solution. Sign up for WebRTC In-Depth Technical Webinar.