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Manage FB and Youtube settings

Is it possible to change the keys for FB and YT streams on Wowza using the API? We have people who manage the social team who won’t leave the keys alone so we have to update them regularly.

Also, can you restart the apps which push to FB/YT independently using the API? Would be nice to allow the social team to give them a kick if they so desire.


Let me check for you as I’ve only done this manually. Be back soon!

You can’t do FB via the API as it requires the UI to do the login to get the credentials. For YouTube you can get an RTMP URL from Youtube directly then use the API to create a stream target. You can enable/disable any stream target via the API, you can probably use that to control syndication if you want.

Let me know if that helps

Thanks, will give that a look.

Our video team are trying to use this as a 24/7 broadcast but FB close the stream down so it requires resetting every day. Do you know if there’s a way around this? I appreciate this is more an FB question)

Hi. We have two streams on FB. Running on a test basis, they go from the WSE.
The length of the transmission is 8h. Then another post appears and in it a transmission lasting … 8h. And so on and on.
Virtually maintenance-free works. You need to create a stream target once. Then it “renews” every 8h.
It looks worse with Vimeo. There it is 12h and the end. it will not automatically resume operation.
We also dealt with this by disconnecting and then resuming the transmission. Unfortunately … a break of a few minutes must be.

Thinking out loud here but everything that can be done manually can be automated as well. Does not matter if there is an existing api for it or not. You can always create one. If not too much can you describe the steps you do manually right now ?

“everything that can be done manually can be automated as well” - go with this way of thinking…

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