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Many cams, HLS, m3u8 throw 403 - can only watch one cam at a time

Hello ,

Any help please !
We are using wowza streaming engine (v4.8.5 (build 20200616153358) )

We have multiple cams as inputs… cam1, cam2 etc… we are using the defaut “live” app

We have a strange problem. We cannot watch say the cam1 hls stream on a player , and cam2 hls stream on another player , (hosted on another page, other website, with another browser) simultaneously , one will always throw a 403 “not valid stream name” even if it is correct, and exists)

BUT we are able to watch one or the other . If we first start watching cam2 for example, the cam1 hls playlist will throw a 403 when calling the .m3u8 file for cam1 . If we stop watching cam2, wait a bit, and try watching cam1 , it will work, but if we try to watch cam2 , this time cam2 will throw a 403 when its m3u8 file is called… same with any other of our various cams. we would like to be able to watch them independently, and concurrently

Here is an small log extract :

HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist[live/ngrp:cam2_all/playlist.m3u8]: Not valid stream name [354242821][defaultVHost:live/definst/ngrp:cam2_all]: defaultVHost:live/definst/mp4:cam1_720p,defaultVHost:live/definst/ngrp:cam1_all

… this one is when trying to watch cam2 hls 's stream, after having started watching cam1 's hls stream somewhere else on another computer, in another place.

and the following one is the opposite… when we try to watch cam1 hls while we are already watching cam2 hls somewhere else .

HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist[live/ngrp:cam1_all/playlist.m3u8]: Not valid stream name [1215948090][defaultVHost:live/definst/ngrp:cam1_all]: defaultVHost:live/definst/ngrp:cam2_all,defaultVHost:live/definst/mp4:cam2_720p

Still , both streams exists, and are valid , fully fonctionnal , when watched individually

we call our playlists this way :

ngrp is simply a group of transcode presets … we simply transrate and passthrough the original streams (which are rtmp, superstandard) to serve them as hls ts chunks… and they all work fine.

What are we missing ?

Thanks to the community for reading, and for any hint that could get us further in this puzzle!


ps: we use a paid licence , so we are not limited in max stream input/outpout

What player are you using? I suspect it may have to do with the stream id and how that’s being presented to the player.

Please note Wowza is closed today due to U.S. holiday and there may be a delay in response time.

Hello !
We use plain basic settings
But could it really interfere with Wowza ?

Many thank for your kind reply … holidays? i didn’t know that ! :slight_smile: Enjoy !