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Mark vod as Live Stream


I need mark a vod stream as live stream.

It’s no necessary be real live.

Only add the live instruction to the player.

Appreciated help


Hi @Alan Sanchez, if you use the search bar here in the forums or at the top of the wowza website and enter “vod as live”, you will find the documentation on how to to play vod as live.

If you had trouble finding it using the two search bars, it is here.

This can be do it in the wowza rest API?

Hi @Alan Sanchez, this is a Java module that I shared with you above and not through the REST API. There is another way to configure loop until live as well on the server side using streamPublisher, which is a listener you configure in Engine or you can add as an http provider.

The StreamPublisher module download includes the ModuleLoopUntilLive application module, which you can use to detect when a live stream is available and switch from the filler video to the live stream.

Here is the GitHib code sample for you:

As well as the documentation on our site:

(These are options in addition to the first Java module I sent you.)

Thanks for the information