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Maunally switching between "HD-Sources" takes very very long ...

Actually we are using the HD-Selection option in the Wowza Player for selecting different stream sources (… instead of different bitrate versions from the same source),

since we are recording lectures here at our University comming from different camera angles.

BUT switching between these three recorded sources (MP4 files) during playback by using a SMIL file is VERY FAST using the JW-Player (1-3 seconds) and

VERY SLOW using the new Wowza Media Player (15sec++) ???

(ADDED: When switching between LIVE sources there is the same problem -> JW-Player: FAST -> WOWZA: SLOW)

Comparison video is … here.

Both players (JWP 7.6/Wowza) are using the SAME SMIL file (contains the “src-urls” of three different mp4 video sources)… any ideas from the WOWZA-Team ?

Probably the “30sec replay feature” prevents from fast switching … but whether it is turned ON or OFF -> this makes no difference (still very SLOW!).

Hello kalfhw,

Currently switching between different camera angles via SMIL file is not supported. The delay that you experience is because the buffer is not purged when switching streams.

Edit: As a workaround, you can tweak your packetizer to have shorter chunk sizes. This would reduce the delay when switching between camera angles.