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Max Connection in Wowza WebRTC?

My question is specifically for WebRTC.

How many simultaneous users does wowza support in WebRTC?

Will it only depend on the hardware and bandwidth or also on the connections that the browser supports?


Hello @Guillermo Castillo

It will mainly depend on the available hardware and bandwidth on the Wowza server. WebRTC will use higher system resources than some of the other protocols and in our testing with EC2 C level instances, 750 - 1000 WebRTC connections was doable.



in a single audio broadcast and with a server with these features using wowza WebRTC

local server (LAN)

intel core i5 CPU 650 3.20 GHz 3.33GHz

16 GB ram

1.0 Gbps bandwidth

under these conditions could I support the amount of 2,500 simultaneous only-audio connections ?.

how many mbps could I transmit audio?