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Max length of time for an HLS live stream? Running out of memory after 24-48 hours

I am trying to leave a RTMP stream converting to HLS up for over 24 hours but I am running out of heap memory. Is there a limit on how long of a live stream is supported? Is it a typical use case to leave a live stream up indefinitely? I have looked at the docs on heap memory and such, but my question is what is the max length of time for a live stream?

This must be something with your stream, with the setup of your server or with any optional custom plug-ins. Theoretically you should be able to run RTMP -> HLS live streams indefinitely; there’s no reason why it should crash because of Heap Size issues.

  • Do you have a server with reasonable specs and have you set the Performance Tuner to Production (default after installation is Development Mode if I remember correctly)?
  • Have you made any custom changes to the server or Application (e.g. HLS chunk size, playlist size, etc.)?
  • Are you using any 3rd party plug-ins or modules?
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I confirm.
We keep several dozen streams running 24 hours a day - no problems.
We use custom modules.
Hardware and configuration - check it.

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Here are some tips on how to tune your server and local environment for optimal performance and have enough memory.

Take a peek at this FAQ article too for some additional Java tuning tips: