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MCP Livestreaming/Recording Gran Turismo using Wowza over wireless

Just need to test the wireless strength before I go into the field, so here what I did.

The full story :

The equipments

  • 2 Linksys WRT wifi AP with DDWRT firmware set up as point to point wireless bridge

  • 1 vidiu HDMI encoder and send to local wowza

  • 1 GoPro Hero 3+ camera and 2 usb cameras

  • 1 macbookpro with wirecast to encode 2 incoming feed from USB cameras and send to local wowza

  • 1 macmini installed with wowza and wirecast 5 to manage all 3 feed sent to wowza via RTSP


This is indeed an interesting (and complex) setup. How far along the road have you got it? You say in the other forum thread that you’re looking to bypass HDCP? At what point in the chain is this happening? TV Output?