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Media cache configuration

Hi, I have wowza version 4.7.7, I have vod applications and streaming applications. I wanna have a cache for vod app. The video storage is on nfs and mounted to wowza vm.
I have some local ssd storage and mounted to the wowza vm. I’ve created a media cache store that points to the local ssd hard, but now I don’t know how to config media cache sources.
This is the first sample url of what client see in the web browser (in network tab) :

Then chunklist file and ts files will be served.
The content file is located somewhere in /var/nfs-share (it has separated directories for trailer videos and non-free videos)
so now how should I config media cache source?
Thanx a lot.

Here is a really great Media Cache guide that may help you @Mohammd Mousavi that has several examples for playback as well as several config examples.

If you don’t find a solution there, you can submit a support ticket where we can help set up the proper path for you. It would require more access to your files and complete config to properly assist you.