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Media Cache for AmazonS3 cannot cache files without extension

hi all,
we have used MediaCache for VoD application via AmazonS3
for the files with extension(videos/example.mp4), we can stream well.
however, for the files without extension(videos/sample), we cannot stream well.
we will get 404 not found for the playlist.m3u8

we have a bunch of files in S3 without extension.
Is there any solution or setting to use MediaCache without file extension?

I think that this property may work for you:


Properties stored in the MediaCache.getProperties() container. Below are a few of the more
interesting properties that are available:


If true and the stream name does not include a file extension a file extension will be added based on the stream name prefix.

Here is the full MediaCache guide pdf with all the properties and examples:

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your reply. This may not be suitable for our situation.
The solution you replied to is for streaming without the file extension.
that means you can use https://your_wowza_host/filename instead of https://your_wowza_host/filename.mp4
however, the file on S3 still needs to name as filename.mp4
if the file named filename instead of filename.mp4, the streaming will not work properly
is there any other solution we can try?

Hello, yes, thanks for explaining and I do understand you need the suffix or extension at the end of your filename. I would suggest submitting a support ticket since the answer I gave you was provided to me right from our MediaCache engineer. He had said it will add the extension if it’s missing which seems to be what your asking for- how to add the mp4 suffix at the end:

Set the boolean value to true so any stream name that does not include a file extension will have a file extension added.

The best way is to have an engineer look at this with you in case it’s not working the way you need it to.

Perhaps this video can help, it’s a tutorial in how to stream mp4 assets stored in remote storage location through media cache. Fast forward to 1:24 in the video though where he gets to the MediaCache part. If not, please send a support ticket so you can get this working the way you’d like, we’re happy to review and troubleshoot how to get that extension added to the end of your mp4 files.