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I want to integrate Wowza streaming engine with database for mobile app user registration and access to video streaming. The subscribers should only access the service with mobile app and NOT website. The solution will also integrate with payment gateway for billing. Users will be authenticated via their mobile number and get registration confirmation via SMS.

A moderated back-end portal for Wowza administration is required where moderators can post video and audio, manage users, create different content categories and upload contents to the different categories.

Users should be able exchange media, should be able to attach IP camera and map it with a recipient mobile number(s) for footage delivery to that mobile number.

Users should also be able to chat with other registered users.

Please let me know if anyone is ready to take up this task.


I’ve created similar solutions a few times and thus have the experience required to make your project a success. Please contact me via Skype (ID: karelboek) or by email to discuss this opportunity.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



We are the official WOWZA consultants in India.

You could contact me at or skype me at spark.subhish for more info.

Subhish N