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Memory Leak Issue in iOS

We have been facing WOWZPlayer leaks memory a lot every time play() method is called.

(gocoder-sdk-samples-ios > PlayerSampleApp.Objective c > WowzaplayerViewcontroller.m )

we are using

trial version.

Wowza SDK with Wowza Streaming Engine.

we are using version 1.6.0(Latest)

Thanks for reaching out @Zabih Ullah about this issue. I am checking on this for you with tech support- not sure if you need to submit a support ticket or not. Are you on a trial with Engine as well or do you have an account?

Hello @Zabih Ullah, I do see you submitted a support ticket and the suggestion was to test broadcast and playback on a couple of iOS devices. We were not able to replicate the problem, but please do test if you can and update the engineer in your ticket so he can continue to assist. I’ll be sure to follow the progress. Thanks.

@Zabih Ullah

Have you got any solution against ios memory leakage issue ?

Not yet @Sarath Kumar S

There is an open support ticket for this from @Zabih Ullah and we are trying to currently replicate that workflow to find the problem. Our test did not show a memory leak, but we are investigating this further. I will keep you updated.