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Memory problem

Dear All,

I have problem with GoCoder SDK.

When I starting Live Stream with GoCoder SDK, Memory usage of my application always increment (maybe leak memory).

If I running my app for long time ==> Crash App ( because device not enough RAM).

I already tested with examples of GoCoder in GitHub , so this problem also happens

I have recorded steps to video

Please help me to check it.

Thanks for your support!

Area: Streaming

Platform: iOS

Platform Version: All versions > 8.0

Device: All Models

GoCoder SDK Version: lastest

Streaming To: Wowza Streaming Engine

Network Connection: Wifi

i’m also facing the same issue. crashing of apps if running for longer. also looking for some help from this community.

hii, i’m also facing the same issue with my apps as well, they crash after using for long time. its happening with each apps. looking forward to get some help from community.

I have a very similar issue. The wowza can’t run a long time at the moment? . I open a support ticket but the wowza won’t answer. I waiting.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Is there an update on this?

Root and update opengl binary files if gpu is support these New files.