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Merge recordingfilename.mp4 and recordingfilename.mp4.tmp


I’m using IPcamera to record the live streams and recently while recording a live stream, the recording swap file (recordingfilename.mp4.tmp) was not merged with the actual file (recordingfilename.mp4). Now I’m having two files i.e recordingfilename.mp4.tmp and recordingfilename.mp4. How to merge it and create a new file which can able to play using a vod application

Here is the mediainfo of the files

[root@ip-ss-21-98-2 content]# mediainfo 03_03_2014_12_03_08.mp4


Complete name : 03_03_2014_12_03_08.mp4

Format : MPEG-4

Format profile : Adobe Flash

Codec ID : f4v

File size : 5.20 GiB

[root@ip-ss-21-98-2 content]# mediainfo 03_03_2014_12_03_08.mp4.tmp


Complete name : 03_03_2014_12_03_08.mp4.tmp

File size : 38.3 MiB

Could someone help me on this ? Please let me know if you need any other info.



The .tmp file will not be appended to the .mp4 file until the live stream has been stopped. Are you looking at these files while the stream is still being published?

If the live stream has been stopped and there is still a .tmp file that means it was not finished writing to the file, and the recording is not recoverable. This could happen if the server crashed mid stream for example.