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Metadata from a live Shoutcast stream

I currently have a 24/7 live Shoutcast feed I’m passing to Wowza to go to Flash, iPhone, and Android. Is it possible for a module of mine to be notified when the metadata changes? It seems that the IMediaStreamActionNotify2.onMetaData() routine isn’t being called for a live stream although onPlay() is.

I’d prefer a callback approach vs a timer; I’d like the most accuracy Wowza will afford me.

I have a PHP script I can use as a Plan B but I thought I’d ask you guys first; a Wowza module seems much more resource-friendly than my script.


I have just tried it and are getting onMetaData events in IMediaStreamActionNotify2.

There were some changes made to the Shoutcast Metadata handlers a little while ago so download and install the latest patch from here.


Several core components have been updraded to newer versions. Before

applying this patch, delete the following files from your Wowza Media Server





I have a timer approach which collects the meta data out of the stream packets, but not a callback. It works very well down to the 4/5 second so should be sufficient ?


The onMetaData event handler only fires on the publish stream when new metadata is available. It does not fire on the playback streams.

This is for some reporting to our future clients. I could use a timer but only if it would have to scale up to hundreds or thousands of potential streams per server.

Did you use stream.getMetaDataProvider() like in this article?

If you have the source, sure :slight_smile: I’m familiar with building Wowza modules from source.

the timer only pulls from the source of the shoutcast stream, so if thousands of people are listening it does not matter as it is still only look at one element. The link you provided does not seem to use getMetaDataProvider but yes I do use getMetaDataProvider to get the meta data into a variable to then use as needed. If the Notify works, might be the way forward, both I believe should produce a similar result.


just following up on this one, do you want a module for Shoutcastmeta data ?


no source but can post two modules and a document explaining how they work.


Files and document can be found here


Double post edit out …

I would be interested in seeing this Shamrock!


Hi @Andrew Kennedy
this link expired,

is this module working for hls ?
Thank you