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Migrating wowza apps without content

Hello I am following your instructions on migrating wowza to another server. I do everything except copying the content on the old wowza. I would only want to have all the applications i have in my old server in my new server. For this i copy:

  1. Copy the following folders from your backed up Wowza Streaming Engine server instance to the new Wowza Streaming Engine server instance:
    • [install-dir]/applications (application folders)
    • [install-dir]/conf (server configuration files. Note: Do NOT copy the [install-dir]/conf/jmxremote.access file from your backup.)
    • [install-dir]/content (on-demand video files, caption files, stream files, etc.)
    • [install-dir]/lib (your custom modules)
    • [install-dir]/logs (if needed, for example, for client billing)
    • [install-dir]/manager/conf (Wowza Streaming Engine Manager configuration files)
    • [install-dir]/transcoder (Transcoder template files)
  2. On the new server instance, delete the [install-dir]/conf/Server.guid and [install-dir]/conf/Admin.guidfiles.

I do them in that ORDER. is it correct? or should i delete the folders Admin.guid and Server.guid BEFORE copying the old /conf directory?

I ssh to my new server and all the folders from the /applications /conf etc is there!! but when conecting through the web intrface i cannot see anything!!

It is really urgent and i do not know what else to do. HELP!

If you need quick support, its best to send an email. The response on that is quicker then on the forum