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Missing documentation for com.wowza.wms.webrtc.http package

I’m writing a custom implementation of HTTPWebRTCExchangeSessionInfo following an example in the wowza documentation.

However, my work is being hampered because I can find no documentation for the com.wowza.wms.webrtc.http package, used in this example, so the only information I have to go on is the example itself, The package is missing from the Javaoc on the wowza website and I have also done google searches without success.

My immediate problem is that I need to get the IP address of the remote client while in the authenticateRequest method. I 'm assuming that can be retrived from one of the CommandContext or CommandControl classes which are passed as parameters to authenticateRequest, but without documentation it leaves me guessing (without success) on what method I need to call.

Does anybody know where I might find the documentaton for these classes and/or know how I get the IP address at this point in the code?

@8c8380506e797f019271 We have an example here on how to tap into rtpSession:

From there, you’ll call getIP() to get the remote IP address:

Thanks for the info, the example page is the one that I was following, but the forum refused to let me post links so I couldn’t reference it. That at least gives me a way to get at the IP address, but it makes life more complicated since I would prefer to be able to retrive the IP address in the HTTPWebRTCExchangeSessionInfo from one of the parameters passed in there, is there a way to do this?

It would still be really useful to have the documentation for the com.wowza.wms.webrtc.http packages added to the Javadocs, since the bottom example relies on this. As stated in the guide, HTTPWebRTCExchangeSessionInfo provides “additional security for your WebRTC application” , so having it properly documented would enable me and others to work out the best solution for our needs based on the capabilities Wowza provides.

Try to see this article. I documented this after my own tussle with the same issue of authentication.

@8c8380506e797f019271 Keep us posted if that does work for your needs.

The responses here are useful up to a point, but what I really want is the missing documentation that I have asked for. When can I expect this to be published? I may encounter other issues that need this documentation, so it will save a lot of time if I can just look up what I need in the API docs.

@8c8380506e797f019271 I hear you on your request for more WebRTC documentation. We are aware of your need, although there’s not currently a timeline available if/when this will be added to our API docs.