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Mixing vod and live streams with PushPublishRTMP to akamai


We are using Wowza and transcoder plugin which receives rtsp stream, transcode in to multiple bitrates and than push the multiple rtmp stream to Akamai and using HDS and HLS packaging from Akamai to deliver adaptive bitrate streams to the users. One of the use case around this is to stream some on demand video before the stream goes live, I have tried Module loop until live to achieve this, but somehow not able to achieve the same functionality. I am trying to find a way how do i change the streams in PushPublishRTMP once the stream is already being pushed to Akamai.

Any one having any idea?




You can do this with ModuleLoopUntilLive, and configure the push publishing to push the loop until live output stream to your Akamai publishing point. The trick is that you will need to use exactly the same encoding parameters for your VOD files that are looped by the LoopUntilLive module as you are using for the live stream that is being published to Wowza. If the encoding parameters are different, Akamai won’t handle the switch of the encoding parameters in mid-stream.