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Modify MPEG-DASH manifest on-the-fly

I would like to edit Wowza’s MPD manifests before serving it to the HTTP client. My use case is testing lots of different MPD syntaxes and how does this impact on different players.

I would also like to avoid mounting any kind of third-party proxy for this task. That is, i don’t want to use any kind of second web server between Wowza and the HTTP client.

I believe this could be possible using Wowza’s JAVA API (creating a custom module for this task), but so far i didn’t found any precise example. I’ve seen in the forums people apparently soing this, but no source code.

So, any example on how to implement such a module would be nice. But also if there’s any other way besides Wowza’s JAVA API could also be useful.

Thanks in advance.