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Modifying an existing Wowza Module with Eclipse.

I’m fairly new to Java, but would like to take an existing Wowza Module, and modify its functionality. Instead of starting from scratch, i’d like to begin modifying its functionality.

I thought I might find a tutorial on how to take the Source for an existing module, and properly open it in eclipse to begin making my changes?


You should be able to do this as long as you have the source code for the module. These are the .java files associated with a Java project. You can create a blank module in your Java project using the Eclipse Wowza plugin, and copy the text from the .java file. Or you can create an empty Wowza project in Eclipse using the Wowza plugin, and drag the .java file into the project src folder.

You can start with the many example source codes that we have available in our GitHub page, or on our Articles list.