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Module class not found or could not be loaded

I have try wowza module, but i have one question. That is why I can’t use my custom module.

I have already add .jar to lib folder and add the config to the [Wowza]/conf/[Application]/Application.xml file.

And I have been checked that i was not type wrong and restart server.

Does anyone can help me to solve it?


Have you restarted Wowza after adding the file to the Wowza /lib directory? If so and it’s still not working then check that the class path matches what you’ve set in Wowza - e.g. by doing unzip -l [jarfile]



Hi Paul,

I am facing same issue, Please let me know if you have resolve this issue



Hi Arun,
Make sure that your jar file exists in the [wowzaInstallDir]/lib/ folder and has the correct permissions. Use the fully qualified name in the module class parameter (packageName+className). Restart your Wowza server after making any changes to the package/class.